A new, better way to vape.

HUUE™ Plant-Based Vapes–the healthiest and most reliable way to experience the full benefits of cannabis while you do life.

See For Yourself

Enhance every moment.

HUUE™ is an elevated cannabis experience for those always on-the-go. Our entourage of targeted effects allow you to show up as the best versions of yourself for work, play, and everything in between.

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Cannabis for the 21st Century

A perfect balance of form and function.


A Clean Sip

All-natural, compressed cannabis pucks that taste and smell great. No additives or binders. No smoke, no chest or throat hit.

Convenient AF

Each puck is packed fresh individually. Just drop it into a vaporizer, sip it, and discard it when you're done. A pack of pucks takes up very little real estate in your pocket or purse.

You're in Control

With our pre-measured pucks and a temperature controlled vaporizer device, it's simple to find the perfect dose for you, or as we call it, the perfect HUUE™.

Universal Format

Any device. Anytime, Anywhere.

HUUE™ is compatible with most dry herb vaporizers out there so you can experience cannabis how you want it, when you want it, wherever you want it.

Get Going
Huue flower vaporizer capHuue Flower Vaporizer

A full spectrum
of benefits, simplified.

Strains come and go, and THC percentage is a poor reflection of potency. That’s why our experts focused on achieving targeted effects for you - Focus, Recovery, Fun, Relaxation and Sleep. Each HUUE™ we create can be mapped to our easy-to-understand spectrum of effects so you can determine the right HUUE™ for any moment or occasion.
Spectrum Chart

Have you heard?

I've never liked the idea of vaping (for a million reasons), but HUUE has completely changed my opinion. It's not harsh at all and it's super easy to bring with me everywhere. I can't get enough of it!
Elisha A.
My favorite part about HUUE is the honestly the fact that I can just pop one into my vape quickly, hit it, and get on with my day.
Matthieu F.
I've been hearing all these great things about cannabis, but I never knew where to start. HUUE made it super easy and simple to try for a first-timer like me.
Marian C.
I love the therapeutic benefits of cannabis but I hate having to hide it, especially from my kids. HUUE is discreet enough that I can take it with me anywhere. And I never get too high for anyone to notice. A few puffs and I'm good to go.
Lauren B.