Our Story

We wanted to do more.

Cannabis use has existed for centuries with a full spectrum of benefits to anyone in the know. Ironically enough, this natural “cure-all” has been largely overlooked by the masses until now. The world has finally begun to wake up to this budding industry as a means for modern wellness, one that we believe has the potential to create an even more productive, healthier, and happier future for all – especially at a time when most of us spend half of the day wondering if it’s too late to drink coffee, and the rest wondering if it’s too early to break out the alcohol.

We could tell you that we developed HUUE™ to get in on this emerging trillion dollar industry, but honestly, we developed it for ourselves. We know what cannabis is capable of because it’s helped us show up as our best selves time and time again, despite how busy our lives may have gotten or what we needed to accomplish throughout a jam-packed day (even if that “accomplishment" was simply finding the headspace to do something fun.) Where others may have turned to nicotine or other forms of therapeutics, cannabis is, and always has been, our secret to staying balanced, and it’s that balance that lets us keep winning at life.

If you’re like us, you probably go from one thing to the next, all day long without ever stopping – sometimes without even thinking, or maybe thinking too much. And that’s not even to mention all of the curveballs life throws along the way. We wanted a way to make consuming cannabis even more convenient and accessible for others like us. For use in everyday life without having to worry about losing time, social standing, or control over the experience – the same way we can our grab our morning coffee and go, or have a beer with friends at a happy hour.

HUUE isn’t just another brand to hit the market, it’s an entirely new category for everyone to experience the benefits of cannabis. One that will help them live well and make the most out of every day, regardless of what their mental or physical rocks are. We believe there’s a HUUE for every time, every feeling, every moment of greatness – greatness that comes from the ideal states of mind or body that HUUE™ can provide.

The world is ready for a new, vibrant spectrum of possibility – one we can all enjoy. The world is ready for HUUE™. LFG!