Getting started with HUUE™

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First time with HUUE™?

Let's get you started. It's a quick and convenient process specifically designed to have you on your way in no time. Just follow the simple steps below for first-time setup of your HUUE™ vaporizer. Enjoy responsibly!

Charge your HUUE™ vaporizer to 100% prior to first use.

Plug in your device using the micro USB charging cable (included). Let your device charge to 100% before removing the cable. The LED light will turn solid to let you know when it’s done.

Drop a puck into the HUUE™ vaporizer.

Press firmly on the sides of your HUUE™ tin to release the childproof lock and slide back the top. Peel back the seal, grab a puck from the tin, and set it to the side. Next, remove the magnetic mouthpiece from your device and drop a puck (or two) into the chamber.

Tap the button 5 times to power on.

To power on your vaporizer, quickly press the LED button located on the front of your device 5 times. You’ll see the light turn on and feel a small vibration to let you know things are heating up.

Tap the button 3 times to set the temperature.

To set your desired temperature, press the LED button 3 times to cycle through the options. The light will change color to let you know which temperature is selected. The Blue setting is coolest and easiest on your throat. Green (recommended) is optimal for both flavor and terpene benefit. Red is warmest and gives the strongest effect.
BLUE: Cool
GREEN: Optimal Flavor
RED: Warmer & Stronger
*If you're using HUUE™ with an alternative vaporizer, we recommend a temperature of 401°F / 220°C.

Slowly inhale to desired effect & strength.

Once you've selected a temperature, your device will vibrate to let you know heating is complete. Now you can enjoy your HUUE™! Take slow, deep inhales for ~2-4 seconds, and repeat as needed until you've reached your desired effect.

When You're Done

Tap the button 5 times to power off.

Once you've finished, quickly press the LED button 5 times to power off your device. If the puck has fully depleted, remove the mouthpiece and gently tip the device to dispose of HUUE™ puck. If it has not depleted, you may leave the puck within your device and reuse at any time.

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