Plant-Based Vapes for Fun Times
You know the phrase “work hard, play hard”? Yeah, that’s the one. When you’re off the clock, this blend is the perfect way to let loose and let the good times roll.
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What to expect
from ROFL

"Build me up, buttercup!" Located in the Mind/Go quadrant of the spectrum, ROFL will help alleviate social anxiety and bring you a mix of happiness and energy while you're out there doin' your thing – whether it's thrilling adventure with friends or simply surviving another social obligation on your calendar.

Note: Each batch of ROFL will have its own unique terpene (flavor) profile based the availability of locally cultivated cannabis strains.
This HUUE™ always delivers a highly functional mix of:
ROFL Spectrum Chart

How to get the most out of this HUUE™:

Insert Huue in Device.
Drop it in
Difficulty level 0, right? Each HUUE™ contains approx. 8 full-spectrum uses. Depending on the device (and your personal preferences) you can actually use up to two pucks at a time.
Device Temp Set
Power on/pre-heat vaporizer
The higher the temperature, the more you’ll feel the effects. We recommend the green setting if you’re using a HUUE™ Flower vaporizer (between 400-425˚F) for best flavor.
Vaping Device Icon
Slowly inhale and enjoy!
Place your lips on the device, slowly inhale for 4 seconds, and exhale for 2. Ahhh, yes. There's that good feeling. Repeat as needed or until the HUUE™ turns brown.

What others have said about ROFL...

I'm always looking for something to bring to social events without having to awkwardly pack bowls or roll joints in front of everyone. HUUE is CLUTCH.
Mike O.
It's funny. I normally drink socially and smoke at home, but since I've gotten my hands on HUUE, I've started bringing it with me to pass around everytime I'm out with my friends.
Teresa M.
ROFL is every bit as awesome as the name implies. My buddies and I always have a BLAST with it.
Jeremiah L.

Ready let the good times roll?

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Having a fun party with friends on a patio.