GSD (Get Sh*t Done)

Plant-Based Vapes for Focus & Productivity
Get a jump start or a pick-me-up to rock your routine and tackle the big asks or mundane tasks with grace – without the coffee jitters.
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What to expect from GSD

GSD is a sativa-dominant HUUE™ with a blend of strains that give you a quick ramp up into an energized state of mind without the crash or fatigue. Like a sunrise, you're up and ready to take on the day – making GSD great for any number of repetitive tasks, creative endeavors, or other focused, high-speed activities.

Note: Each batch of GSD will have its own unique terpene (flavor) profile based the availability of locally cultivated cannabis strains.
GSD is great for activities such as:
long stints of work at the computer, brainstorming killer ideas, grinding out late night side hustles, getting chores done when you just don't feel like it, running, or any other physical activity.
This HUUE™ always delivers a highly functional mix of:
GSD Spectrum Chart

How to get the most out of this HUUE™:

Insert Huue in Device.
Drop it in
Difficulty level 0, right? Each HUUE™ contains approx. 8 full-spectrum uses. Depending on the device (and your personal preferences) you can actually use up to two pucks at a time.
Device Temp Set
Power on/pre-heat vaporizer
The higher the temperature, the more you’ll feel the effects. We recommend the green setting if you’re using a HUUE™ Flower vaporizer (between 400-425˚F) for best flavor.
Vaping Device Icon
Slowly inhale and enjoy!
Place your lips on the device, slowly inhale for 4 seconds, and exhale for 2. Ahhh, yes. There's that good feeling. Repeat as needed or until the HUUE™ turns brown.

What others have said about GSD...

I've got so much going on, my mind is constantly racing. Coffee makes it so much worse, too. HUUE is the only thing that keeps me focused but still gives me the burst of energy I need to power through.
Christian S.
GSD has become both my morning mantra my morning wellness ritual all in one. I love it!
Jen A.
It's nice to know there's a cannabis brand for masochists like me who love doing a million things but still want a quick fix.
Frank B.
GSD has quickly become my new secret weapon for getting in the zone when I have to grind out work after hours.
Joey C.

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Man enjoying a plant-based vape at his office desk.