Bounce Back HUUE tin

Bounce Back

Plant-Based Vapes for Physical Recovery
Pain stopping you from doing the things you love? Equally soothing as it is energizing, this body blend is perfect for springing you back into action so you can move forward, full speed ahead.
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What to expect from Bounce Back

A perfect combo grounded in energy and healing, Bounce Back can help ease chronic pains, alleviate minor aches, and help you keep your body moving in the process.

Note: Each batch of Bounce Back will have its own unique terpene (flavor) profile based the availability of locally cultivated cannabis strains.
This HUUE™ always delivers a highly functional mix of:

How to get the most out of this HUUE™.

Insert Huue in Device.
Drop it in
Difficulty level 0, right? Each HUUE™ contains approx. 8 full-spectrum uses. Depending on the device (and your personal preferences) you can actually use up to two pucks at a time.
Device Temp Set
Power on/pre-heat vaporizer
The higher the temperature, the more you’ll feel the effects. We recommend the green setting if you’re using a HUUE™ Flower vaporizer (between 400-425˚F) for best flavor.
Vaping Device Icon
Slowly inhale and enjoy!
Place your lips on the device, slowly inhale for 4 seconds, and exhale for 2. Ahhh, yes. There's that good feeling. Repeat as needed or until the HUUE™ turns brown.

What others have said about Bounce Back...

I can't tell you how much HUUE has changed my workouts. I've been a long distance runner my whole life, but my knees can't take the wear and tear anymore. Now all I need is a few pulls of HUUE and I'm back up and running again.
Mark C.
WOW! I was diagnosed with MS a few years ago, and haven't been able to find a way to keep my pain under control until now. I can finally move again! Thanks HUUE!
Pattie G.
Bounce Back is legit the only cannabis solution that works for my shoulder without putting me to sleep before I have to get on the mound and pitch a full game. 10/10.
Matt S.
I was sick of adding one more pill into my regular routine, even if it was something as silly as Advil. Trying Bounce Back definitely opened my mind to using cannabis for exactly the same reasons.
Barb P.

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