October 19, 2021

Cannabis Innovator, HUUE™, Finds New Partner in G Pen Giant, Grenco Science, Inc.

MJBizCon in Las Vegas - Cannabis innovator, HUUE™ announced today that they have partnered with pioneering cannabis technology company, Grenco Science, Inc., to launch a new device for HUUE™’s fresh-pressed flower pucks.

After years in development, HUUE™ Plant-Based Vapes – a first-of-its-kind innovation that provides the full spectrum benefits of cannabis flower, fresh-pressed into compact and convenient pucks – has partnered with Grenco Science, Inc., the industry leaders in cannabis vaporization devices. Grenco Science, Inc. has sold millions of units of their notable devices such as the G Pen Gio and G Pen Dash in the last decade, and has previously been partners to cannabis-connoisseurs such as Snoop Dogg and Action Bronson, and culturally adjacent brands such as Santa Cruz and Burton.  

“The cannabis industry has seen great change as legalization has progressed, but it's surprising that millions of cannabis vaporization devices are sold every year and no one has created a truly convenient format for dry herb vaping, until now,” said Grenco Science, Inc. Founder and CEO, Chris Folkerts. “HUUE™ innovates the accessibility, ease of use, and form factor of flower inhalation because the actual act of breaking up the plant is laborious and messy. It's not efficient or conducive to people's lifestyles. We’ve all been waiting for something like HUUE™ to come along, and I’m excited to be a strategic partner and advisor to the HUUE™ team.”

In combination with Grenco Science, Inc’s industry-leading G Pen Dash vaporizer, HUUE™ bypasses the barriers to entry for new and goal-seeking cannabis users by providing a healthier, incredibly convenient, dose-controlled, and discreet delivery system. Future plans include the development of a proprietary device for HUUE™’s innovative pucks and a subscription-based model for even easier accessibility.

“We’re thrilled to partner with industry leaders, Grenco Science, Inc., to bring unique and truly innovative products into the dry herb market, especially on the consumables side,” said HUUE™ Head of Communications, David Salinas. “We believe everyone should have access to the health and wellness benefits of cannabis, and our mission is to introduce an entirely new set of everyday cannabis users to the category and enhance their abilities through new efficient, discreet, and controllable methods.”

Alongside leading scientists, engineers, and cultivators, HUUE™ has also simplified the cannabis experience by creating five varieties of its proprietary, patented pucks catered to the most prominent social needs, including Productivity, Socialization, Relaxation, Pain and Sleep, with 3 SKUS launching in Q4’21 for the holiday season – (Un)Wine, GSD, and ROFL. All 3 SKUS, along with a variety pack gift box including the HUUE™ Wave – a state-of-the-art cannabis vaporizer powered by Grenco Science, Inc.– will be immediately available in a number of Massachusetts dispensaries with plans for rapid expansion into multiple states. HUUE™ is currently seeking additional launch partners in the Massachusetts area.

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