December 16, 2021

5 Things to Know About Microdosing Cannabis

The medical benefits of cannabis and active ingredients like THC and CBD are hard to deny. If cannabis works well for your medical conditions, you might think that the more cannabis you smoke, the better it will work, right? Not necessarily. In a market now filled with a plethora of cannabis options, many people are choosing to microdose.

Many say microdosing could become the new normal because this type of consumption can help provide the therapeutic effects that many recreational users are after. This doesn’t mean that bong rips will become extinct, but microdosing might be suitable for people with milder symptoms or who are looking for a less intense recreational experience.

1. What is microdosing?

Microdosing in the context of cannabis consumption means taking small amounts of cannabis in order to reap the benefits of THC while avoiding a high that can interfere with the demands of daily life, like being alert and completing tasks.

People have begun microdosing cannabis by vaping its active cannabinoids, THC and CBD. Many experts now believe that the threshold for medical cannabis benefits is lower than people think. One recent clinical trial found that microdosing just 1 mg of THC, and even 0.5 mg, effectively relieved most chronic pain.

2. Why microdose cannabis?

Basically, to avoid getting that non-functional high. Maybe you don’t like the feeling, or maybe you’d rather consume without impairment of your other daily activities. The more scientific explanation for microdosing cannabis is that it is ideal for users trying to avoid triggering the wrong side of something called a biphasic effect.

What is biphastic effect?

Glad you asked! When a substance (like THC) has a biphasic effect, it just means it can produce two (bi) opposing effects — depending on the dosage. Think about how alcohol can make someone feel a bit energized, happy, and chatty in moderate doses, but a high dose of alcohol could make them tired, depressed, antisocial, or even sick. Lots of substances have biphasic effects, and it’s important to know because the amount imbibed drastically impacts the effect it has on your body.

3. Which conditions benefit most from microdosing cannabis?

Microdosing has been used to treat depression, stress, anxiety, pain, and help improve focus and promote sleep. There is still not a ton of solid empirical evidence of its efficacy. Still, there is clinical research that suggests less is more when it comes to microdosing cannabis.

In a 2012 study, patients with advanced cancer were unresponsive to dangerous opioid painkillers, but when the same patients took the lowest dose of cannabinoids, they showed the greatest reduction in pain.

It can also serve as a low impact sleep aid, a tool to help you focus, or a way to energize after a long day.

What is the optimal dose for microdosing cannabis?

The short answer is that it depends. The amount of THC that will result in feeling high varies quite a bit from person to person. This can be explained by differences in liver metabolism, genetics of cannabinoid receptors, and previous usage, just to list a few possible reasons for the differences.

The goal is to use the dose that gives you the best result with the least noticeable mental effect, so start slow and then add as needed.

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4. Okay, I’m interested. How do I microdose cannabis?

Plant-based vaporizers are a great, reliable method to microdose your cannabis flower. These flower vaporizers are different from other cannabis vapes on the market that heat oil or distillate to vaporize the cannabinoids of the plant for inhalation. Flower vaporizers are devices powered by rechargeable batteries that heat the cannabis flower in its most whole and natural form.

5. What are the benefits of plant-based vapes?

The benefits of plant-based vapes beat out the competition at every turn. The vapor they create (in contrast to smoke) is easier on your throat and lungs. The delivery method - a small, rechargeable device - is discreet and user-friendly. Finally, you can load the desired amount of flower, turn on the device, and consume just enough to get the desired effect. Once you’ve achieved that just-right feeling, you can power down the device and save the rest for later.

Key Takeaway:

Take it slow and find the right product and dose for you. To get started, try HUUE™, the healthiest and most reliable way to experience the full benefits of cannabis while you do life.

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