December 11, 2021

Plant-Based Vapes: How to Consume Cannabis without the Smoke

Plant-based vaporizers offer an efficient and reliable way to enjoy cannabis more safely. Today’s easy-to-use vape technology gives you control over your cannabis dosage so you can optimize not only your experience, but your day and your life.

What is a Plant-Based Vaporizer?

A plant-based vaporizer is an electronic device that allows you to inhale your cannabis as vapor rather than smoking it through traditional methods. Cannabis vapor is produced when a heating element combusts dried plant material at the ideal temperature, providing you with a smokeless way to leverage the benefits of cannabis.

Not to be confused with plant-based vapes, e-cigarettes refer to vape pens that deliver nicotine products, not cannabis products. Oftentimes, nicotine consumers use the terms “vape” and “e-cig” interchangeably, but in the cannabis world, a plant-based vape is used exclusively for consuming cannabis in its most natural form.

What Makes Plant-Based Vapes Different?

There are two different types of cannabis vapes available on the market. Plant-based vapes allow you to consume whole cannabis flower, while other vapes only allow you to use oil-based cartridges. Most people are familiar with oil-based cartridges as they have become popular on the cannabis scene for convenience. Plant-based vapes, however, are gaining popularity, and with good reason.

Cannabis oil extracts often utilize solvents and other additives to process cannabis flower. Plant-based vapes on the other hand, deliver the benefits of whole cannabis flower (i.e., full spectrum flower) without any additional additives. If you’re familiar with traditional smoking methods, then plant-based vaping will be a familiar experience. With HUUE™ products, we’ve taken plant-based vaping a step further and created pre-measured “pucks” of compressed cannabis flower that make it easy to load into your vape without grinding or crushing your flower. You can, however, find plant-based vapes in the market that allow you to load your cannabis just like you would with a traditional bowl or water pipe/bubbler.

Are Vape Pens a Good Way to Consume Cannabis Without Smoke?

The short answer, yes! Vape pens are an excellent way to consume cannabis without smoke because they deliver smaller doses that go into effect immediately. Other smokeless methods, such as consuming edibles, can take hours to kick in, and typically last longer and hit stronger than vaping.

Vape pens also have the added benefit of being a smokeless product. Smoke in any form can harm your lungs, but vaporizers are far gentler, eliminating the harsh heat and byproducts of traditional flame-based combustion. Simply said, vapor is less harmful to your body than smoke.

Plant-based vapes use cannabis flower in its simplest form, making it the ideal choice for health-conscious cannabis consumers.

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Two Types of Heat

Heat is required to activate the THC in cannabis. With traditional smoking, that’s done with a lighter. For vaping, there are two main types of heat used in plant-based vaporization devices - conduction and convection.

Conduction requires direct contact with a heating element in order to create vapor. Think of it as putting your cannabis flower on a mini frying pan. The cartridge makes contact with the heating element and produces vapor. Conduction requires that you use well-ground and a tightly packed chamber to get the most efficient experience.

Convection acts like an oven, using warmed air to circulate heat and around your cannabis like baking your favorite cookies in the oven. The circulating heat causes the terpenes and cannabinoids in your bud to boil and thus vaporize thereby producing the steam or vapor that you can inhale. With convection, you can get away with using looser, less ground cannabis.

There is a hybrid method of vaping too. This takes the best of both elements to create a part-convection, part-conduction method for vaping. Overall, this method uses less battery life than solely convection or conduction alone.

Are Plant-Based Vapes Right for Me?

That depends. Different people have different preferences when it comes to cannabis consumption. And that’s totally okay!

You may enjoy plant-based vapes if you…

  • Want a consistent dosage each time.
  • Are looking for an alternative to traditional smoke.
  • Don’t want the strong, long-duration high that you get from edibles.
  • Would like a healthier alternative to traditional smoking methods without the added chemicals of oil-based vapes.
  • Are looking for a smokeless alternative that doesn’t smell as strong as traditional smoking.
  • Love the flavor of cannabis’ complex terpene profile (think of sipping cannabis like it was a fine wine, without the alcohol)

The best way to really know if plant-based vaping is right for you is to give it a try. You may find this is the well-balanced method of consuming cannabis that you’ve been looking for. Or it may not be your jam. Either way, it’s worthwhile to experiment with how you consume cannabis to find the method that works for you.

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